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by porechajp
Dec 15, 2011
7:19 AM

Being evaluated

Changed URI : to (as per discussion comment : Windows Live SkyDrive WebService by mbodjsystem)


by cristian_rosa
Dec 6, 2011
7:11 PM

Being evaluated

This should fix the login timeout issue. SkyDocsServiceUri changed.



by nathanieldamned
Mar 12, 2010
3:30 PM


This patch adds "Permalink" property to WebFileInfo class. After call "ListSubWebFolderFiles" in that property we have permanent link to the file.

Declined Mar 12, 2010: The implemented new property DownloadUrl does the same thing. Of course, this property is and can be only populated when the details web page of the given file/folder is "visited"/downloaded (e.g. by using GetWebFile or GetWebFolder or GetWebFolderItem methods) .... as you did within the patch: ... Uri uriWebFolderItemView = GetWebFolderItemViewUri(Session, webFolderItem); WebFileInfo plik = (webFolderItem as WebFileInfo); string responseString = webClient.DownloadString(uriWebFolderItemView); plik.Permalink = ParseWebFileInfoPermalink(responseString); ... BUT I would never put this extra web communication into the ListXX method. This method's goal is to collect the list of sub files and folders as FAST as possible and as MUCH ADDITIONAL information as possible. If you need more data like permalink, than do a custom loop in your own code, but do not punish other users/applications who/which are not interested in this extra information at all! This little code snippet does the same thing as yours: var webFiles = ListSubWebFolderFiles(...); foreach (var webFile in webFiles) GetWebFile(webFile); //or webFile = GetWebFile(webFile); There is only one little difference between the content/behaviour of your Permalink and the my DownloadUrl, naming, that using DownloadUrl in a Web Browser would always pop up the download dialog of the browser, while Permalink would only pop up it if browser cannot display its content, otherwise it opens the file within the browser. If you need this Permalink behaviour, you only need to remove '/download' suffix from DownloadUrl.

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