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Project Description

SkyDrive .Net API Client allows developers to easily integrate Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive online storage and sharing services into their own applications. It's developed in C#.

What is this?

This project is an open source client for Windows Live SkyDrive written for the Microsoft .NET Framework. This is NOT an offical, Microsoft API! However, this library will greatly facilitate the development of 3rd party applications for developers already familiar with the Microsoft .NET technology stack.

How does it work?

At the time of this writing, as far as I know, there is no official API to use for SkyDrive. However, there are several legacy applications (Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery, Microsoft Office) and open source tools (SkyDrive Simple Viewer for WebDAV) which are already using some sort of, non-documented web services like SkyDocsService, Live API and SkyDrive WebDAV. This project integrates/wraps those web services into one, single service client in order to provide a super set of all the features available -one by one- in those individual web services.

How to use it?

Check the samples delivered by the source code for examples.
Additionally, you can check related project Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin.

Applications using SkyDrive .Net API Client

- Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin (.wfx)
- SkyDrive Synchronizer

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